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Faith in Our Future

The parish core team has finished meeting with our cohort to share both the summary and the details of our parish evaluation.  As a reminder, our cohort consists of the following parishes: St. Anthony of Padua (Hightstown), St. Paul Parish (Princeton), Church of St. Ann (Lawrenceville), and St. Hedwig Church (Trenton).  Each parish discussed their strengths, their potential areas to grow as well as any potential concerns that each may have about the future.  The cohort worked together to evaluate and best address these items in light of the five goals that were provided as the basis for the Faith in Our Future process. 

At the beginning of June, the cohort submitted suggestions for future planning to the Diocesan Planning Commission.  The cohort’s suggestion is that St. Hedwig’s would be a personal parish (a dedicated parish for the significant Polish population within their area) while all parishes will begin collaborative efforts within the cohort, utilizing the collaborative parishes model. The cohort did not suggest any merging of parishes.  According to our Faith in our Future Planning Guide, “parishes become collaborative when they enter into formal cooperative relationships with other parishes… so that they are able to expand ministry and meet needs that currently go unmet.”  The parishes plan to collaborate in endeavors such as:

•    Liturgical ministry training
•    Sharing best practices for recruiting volunteers and lay ministers
•    Youth and Young Adult Ministries

The Diocesan Planning Commission will provide feedback to our suggestion at the beginning of July.  The cohort core team will review and respond to the feedback by the end of September.  Then the Diocesan Planning Commission will make final recommendations to the Bishop at the end of October.

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