Mary Ann Wolan-Collins
Nanci Bachman
609.275.7111 ext. 311
Deacon Tom Baker

Landings - Introduction

LANDINGS has been designed to welcome any inactive Catholics to fully participate in the Church. As a “subtle & simple” 8 week program, it gently explores Catholic themes through faith sharing.
Every Landings meeting focuses on sharing faith stories and reflecting on one theme. Both inactive and active Catholics attend a hour and half  meeting while sharing light refreshments. The program will start and end on time.
The program provides a safe platform for listening to inactive Catholics and exploring their questions in a non-judgmental forum. Each session is completely confidential. All materials have been customized for St. David the King by active Catholics eager to meet with inactive Catholics to join them on their faith journey.
If you are interested or have questions Mary Ann, Tom, or Nanci are available at:
Mary Ann Wolan-Collins at 609.529.1793
Nanci Bachman at 609.275.7111 ext. 311
Deacon Tom Baker at 609.306.3760
The Lord and St. David the King’s community eagerly awaits you!