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Landings - Program Details

“I was a lapsed Catholic for 12 years.  I felt a spiritual calling but wasn’t sure
returning to the Catholic Church was right. LANDINGS was vital in
confirming by decision return to the Catholic faith.”
LANDINGS meets in the Spiritual Reading Room at St. David the King. The cordial environment begins with refreshments, hospitality and an opening prayer.  After which, participants will share their spiritual journey through stories. Each week discussion will then focus on a Catholic Theme. 
LANDINGS gives participants a comfortable way to re-enter parish life with new friends to sit with at Mass who know them and support them. 
LANDINGS offers Returning Catholics:
  • A supportive community within which to ask questions, discuss issues, and deal with difficulties in a confidential setting.
  • A safe environment to come to discuss recent changes in the Church & changes in themselves.
LANDINGS offers Catholics:
  • An opportunity to share time and faith stories.
  • A chance to grow and learn from the spiritual journeys of others.
  • A participation in the Church’s mission of evangelization by opening their hearts to those who have been away.