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Parish Evaluation Update

FEBRUARY 2016 PARISH EVALUATION UPDATE: Based on the surveys, our interviews and other available statistical data, the parish core team has completed the parish evaluation.  In summary, St. David the King is an “All are Welcome”, tithing, suburban parish that was built only 25 years ago. St. David the King has a variety of ministries, with particularly exceptional areas in music, youth, community service and RCIA.  We have unique “reverse” collections for St. Valentine’s and St. Patrick’s Day.  We honor the parental roles of the parishioners with special acknowledgement of the eldest parents on Mother’s and Father’s day and we also have a variety of events throughout the year that brings families together.

Below are some of the summary items for St. David the King.

Greatest Strengths
1)    Service--An active, vibrant parish with a variety of ministries serving the community.
2)    Presence—Average weekly Mass attendance has been stable for the past five years; it averages around 70% of the “real” church capacity.
3)    Strong—The financial condition of the parish is strong with a long history of “operating in the black”.

Areas to Improve

1)    Young Adults—Creating a ministry to engage young adults (18-35) in all aspects of our parish.
2)    Outreach—to continue to reach out to inactive Catholics of all ages.
3)    Marriages—Increase the opportunities to enhance the quality of marriages.

The parish survey results are complete.  To view the results, click on Survey Results for SDTK Faith in Our Future. 

If you have questions or comments, please email the parish core team (Russ and Caroline Buckley, Brandon and Kate Dolly, and Father Tim Capewell) at fiof@stdavidtheking.com .