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An invitation to be part of the church’s largest consultation in history.


Pope Francis believes that only the entire people of God walking together can answer the question: What is the Holy Spirit saying to the church today?

In 2022, parish communities everywhere are organizing conversations to begin this process of listening for the Spirit. From now through the end of March, we are organizing a series of small-group meetings here at St. David the King, and we invite you to be part of one of these unprecedented attempts to hear the voice of the Spirit.

  • It’s important that we hear from parishioners from all walks of life, all ages, and at all different stages of their relationship with the church. So please, even if you feel at some distance from the church right now, please consider sharing your experience and hearing what others have to say.
  • In addition, if there are friends or members of your family who seem uninterested or unattached to the church, please forward this invitation to them as well, so that their stories can also be heard.

Each meeting will include about six participants, and will take about 90 minutes. You may choose the meeting time that best suits your schedule. After you register to attend, you will receive some material to read and pray about in advance of the meeting, all focused on these questions: 
What are your hopes and dreams for what the church could become? What stands in the way of the church becoming what it needs to be? The meetings will take place in an atmosphere of prayer and respectful listening, and everyone who attends will be asked to speak honestly and to listen carefully to one another.

After the meetings take place in our parish, a report on what we have heard together will be combined with insights from the other parishes in our diocese, and sent to the American bishops’ conference, who in turn will prepare thoughts that will be discussed by the world’s bishops and Pope Francis at a global synod in 2023.

We hope you will be part of this unprecedented effort to recognize all of us as people who can hear and see what the Spirit is asking of our church.


To register for a session, please click on a link below. The link will take you to SignUpGenius. Please note that some meetings (we hope) will take place in person, and others will be held on Zoom. All sessions will begin at 7 P.M. We look forward to your participation!

In Person Meetings:


Zoom Meetings:


If you have any questions, please reply to this email, or reach out to any of the people below.

Fr. Tim Capewell, Pastor
Nanci Bachman
Deacon Tom Baker
Donna Delorenzo
Cheryl Ellsworth
Al Martella
Maggie Provine