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  1. Parents must be registered parishioners. A registration form can be sent in the mail if you cannot pick it up at church.
  2. Parents only are required to take a baptismal class via zoom.
  3. Those who need to attend are: 
    baptisma. First time parents
    b. Parents who had a class at another Catholic Church within the last 2 years are encouraged to attend a class here, but not required.
    c. Parents should obtain documentation in writing from their former church and send to our front office ASAP.
  4. A form for Baptism Registration will be required of the parents after they are registered with the parish, and filled out with office staff over the phone or through email.


  1. Godparents must be at least 16 years old and have been confirmed.
  2. Only one godparent is required. If there are two godparents, it should be a man and a woman.
  3. If you have two godparents, one must be a baptized and practicing Catholic. The other may be a baptized and practicing Christian from a non-Catholic tradition. The role of godparent is to assist the parents in the spiritual development of the child.
  4. If your family tradition involves multiple godparents (more than two) they are welcome to be present with you. However, only two godparents will be entered on our church records.
  5. The Catholic godparents are required to obtain a Certificate of Eligibility from their home parish. Letters of eligibility need to be sent to the parish office 3 weeks prior to baptism.


  • There will only be one family on a given date scheduled.
  • Masks, covering the nose and mouth, are required for all present.
  • Social distancing must be maintained for all attendees
  • Maximum number of attendees is 20
  • There is to be no socializing in the church before or after the baptism
  • Group photographs in the church after the Baptism are not permitted.
  • Only parents may hold the infant during the ceremony.
  • Sanitizer should be used when there is any physical contact before, during or after Baptism.
  • We will begin promptly at 11:30 am.


  • Godparents, if not present in person, can be represented by proxy. Please notify the parish office in advance if possible.
  • The baptismal water used will be in a thoroughly cleaned container, not the regular baptismal font, and it will be fresh for that baptism
  • The child will be anointed with oil via a swab, no direct touching
  • Parents should know that they still have the option of waiting until there are fewer restrictions, travel is easier for grandparents and godparents, travel restriction eased etc., although of course we don't know when that will be.
  • Anyone not feeling well or recently diagnosed with COVID-19 should not attend.
  • Parents are required to give us a list of all attendees the day of the baptism.
  • Parents are to notify Maggie Provine at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. should anyone attending the baptism be diagnosed with COVID-19 within 14 days of the baptism.