We welcome all parents and families who want to present their child for baptism in our parish. Please call or email the parish office with any questions you have about getting started with the process.

In general, parents should be registered parishioners, or have celebrated other sacraments at our parish in the past. If you live in the area and have not yet registered in the parish, we hope you will begin that simple process.

Parents (not godparents) are required to take a baptism class via Zoom. If you have participated in a class previously, either in our parish or another one, we don’t require attendance. 

If you would like background on the church’s teaching on infant baptism and how to prepare for the sacrament, you can download Deacon Tom Baker’s booklet on the topic.

A baptism registration form can be completed with the office staff over the phone or through email.


Baptisms are generally held at 12:00 noon on the second Sunday of each month, and 11:00 AM on the fourth Saturday of each month. Please check with the office to confirm your desired date, as we do adjust the dates and times occasionally when they conflict with other parish events. We welcome up to three families at each celebration.

We ask that parents and godparents arrive 15 minutes in advance of the scheduled baptism time.


Godparents must be at least 16 years old. Catholic godparents should have received the sacrament of confirmation.

Only one godparent is required. If there are two godparents, it should be a man and a woman.

If you have two godparents, one must be a baptized and practicing Catholic. The other may be a baptized and practicing Christian from a non-Catholic tradition. The role of godparent is to assist the parents in the faith development of your child.

If your family tradition involves multiple godparents (more than two) they are welcome to be present with you. However, only two godparents will be entered on our church records.

Catholic godparents are asked to obtain a certificate of eligibility from their home parish. Non-Catholic godparents should send a copy of their baptismal record (photocopy is fine). These documents should be sent to the parish office at least three weeks prior to baptism. Please advise the office of any difficulties obtaining these documents.

Godparents, if not present in person, can be represented by proxy. Please notify the parish office in advance if possible.