An Invitation to Serve at the Altar

From our youth minister and liturgical ministries coordinator Matthew Simms:

I began altar serving in eighth grade and continued to volunteer throughout high school. I served at my parish and high school around three to four times a week. Although altar serving plays a vital role in preparing the Mass and help it run smoothly, it does not end there. For me, altar serving elicited a curiosity about the faith. Suddenly, I became more concerned about my spirituality because of my position.

For many young people, the period of leaving the church and becoming a non-practicing Catholic is around the middle and high school years. It is because of altar serving that I remained a practicing Catholic and was able to root myself in my faith during the period when faith is challenged most. Although I was inundated with homework, competing as a student athlete, as well as involved in numerous clubs and organizations, once I started to serve at daily and Sunday Masses, it became easier to go in the future. It is beneficial being close to the Lord during Mass on weekdays and not just Sundays, receiving extra grace from the Liturgy to continue steadfast throughout the week.

Serving kept me oriented and focused on better improving my spirituality. I invite all the young people to come serve at the Lord’s altar. The Sunday 4:00 pm Family Youth Masses are a perfect opportunity to get involved. You will see your faith flourish the closer you are to the altar, to Jesus.

“The closer you are to the altar, the more you will remember to speak with Jesus in daily prayer; the more you will be nourished by the word and the body of the Lord, the better able you will be to go out to others, bringing them the gift that you have received, giving in turn with enthusiasm the joy you have received.” – Pope Francis

To get involved or request more information, please contact Matthew Simms at