Social Concerns

The Parish community of the Church of St. David the King is committed to the fulfillment of the gospel message in today’s world. Through the activities of the Social Concerns Committee, the Church of St. David the King supports both individuals and organizations in need of assistance.

The time, talent and resources of the members of St. David the King’s parish community enable the Committee to serve those in need of help. The Committee plays an integral role in enabling our parish community to fulfill its guiding principles.

We need your help for our projects to be successful. Watch the bulletin for meeting dates and upcoming projects.

You may contact us at 609-275-7111, ext. 382.


+ Social Concerns Annual Appeal Brochure
+ Area Food Pantries

+ The Little Free Pantry WW

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there is an increased need for meals this year.  The Social Concerns Committee is offering a different way to help families in need during this upcoming holiday season. Rather than hold in-person sign-ups for Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday Food Baskets as we have done in the past, this year we are offering online parishioner sign-ups for $50 ShopRite gift card donations which will be delivered to West Windsor Schools, West Windsor Senior Center, Social Work, and Friends in Need.

To sign up to donate ShopRite gift cards, click the link below, then Submit and Sign up.

Holiday Meal Basket Sign-up for $50 Shop Rite Gift Cards